Calling all Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders to become “Advancers” for the Kingdom of God! Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a high level business leader, if you’re motivated to take action and make an impact for the glory of God, this event is for you!

At Kingdom Business Advancements, you’ll:

  • Learn Kingdom Business Principles and how to effectively implement them into your business.
  • Discover God’s proven framework for success utilizing foundational biblical truths in developing your identity, mission, vision & purpose.
  • Be equipped with the tools, systems and frameworks necessary to discover, develop & deploy your God given vision into the marketplace.
  • Walk away with a personalized blueprint to get you from where you are now to exactly where you know God is calling you to be to make everlasting impact for the Kingdom!
  • Be introduced to a community of like mind-setted business leaders that have a desire to come together and take action for the Kingdom!
Interested in Hosting a KBA?
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One of the most painful scenarios a Kingdom Entrepreneur can face is to be presented with an opportunity to give where there’s a lack, but not possess the resources to supply for that need.

“Kingdom Advancers” are called by God with the power to create wealth in order to confirm His covenant throughout the earth…..Because of this, we willingly engage in the battle of business, continually conquering new territories to bring the spoils of the world back into the Kingdom, The Kingdom Economy!

If you are a pastor or church leader and would like more information or are interested in hosting a “Kingdom Business Advancement,” we’d love to discuss partnering with you and how we can serve your community.  


Schedule a call with our Director of Alignments, Christian Edwards to learn more!