The Kingdom Entrepreneur Series

"There are specific biblical principles and practices I want to share that have helped us become successful. With so many active participants in this work, it’s become more of a lifestyle for many of us, so there are stories I’d like to share about that as well. But mainly, I hope to give you a sense of what’s possible if you will commit to God the resources that are His alone, and allow me to introduce you to this inspiring way to build on many of the ideas you probably already know, but just may not have fully lived out yet."

- Rylee Meek

The King's Council is a community of entrepreneurs, high achievers, and business leaders committed to excellence who have a desire for more and are inspired to do more for the Kingdom.

Our Mission is to create wealth and provision for the purpose of confirming God’s covenant on earth. The King’s Council is PRO – Vision.

Become intentional by supporting the Kingdom Economy

In an effort to advance The Kingdom, we need to become intentional with supporting one another in the marketplace. We are called to sow on "good soil", which is why we are equipping Kingdom Entreprneuers with a resources to find each other. When more dollars start circulating in the Christian Economy, we will have more financial influence in our local communities. You now have the choice to be intentional with keeping your dollars in the Kingdom Economy.

We believe God’s greatest gift to us is life, therefore our greatest gift to Him is what we do with it, which is why we have created this tribe of like mind-setted business leaders.