Upcoming Events for the King's Council

The Believers' Summit

Get your tickets to join us July 26-28 at "The Believers' Summit" hosted by Turning Point USA Faith!

Rylee will be a main stage speaker in addition to hosting a breakout session on Kingdom Entrepreneurship.

The Believers Summit is a transformative event designed to unite Christians across America, equipping them with the biblical wisdom & practical strategies needed to engage in today's cultural landscape.

This summit serves as a call to action for believers to embody their faith with conviction, counteract prevailing 'woke' narratives with grace & truth, and make a meaningful impact in their communities & the nation.

Event Dates:

July 26-28, 2024


Palm Beach County Convention Center,

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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The King's Council is a community of entrepreneurs, high achievers, and business leaders committed to excellence who have a desire for more and are inspired to do more for the Kingdom. The following are the core beliefs of The King's Council based on the foundational truths taught in the Bible. All of our teaching, coaching, and ministry are rooted in and flow out of these biblical doctrines.

Leadership Development Day

We'll be in Elkins, WV on August 24th for our Leadership Development Day!

For those of you who attended our Become the CEO of Your Life event, we are going to go another step deeper into each of these areas.

Event Date:

August 24, 2024


200 Depot Street

Elkins, WV 26241

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CEO of Your Life

We're calling ALL Entrepreneurs, Business Owners,

CEO's, Executives and High Achievers...

Expand Your Vision to Fulfill Your Mission!

Surround yourself with high performance individuals who

can get YOU to the next level in your business and your life.

  • Learn Kingdom Business Principles and how to effectively implement them into their businesses.

  • Discover God’s proven framework for success utilizing foundational biblical truths in developing mission, vision & purpose.

  • Be equipped with the tools, systems and frameworks necessary to discover, develop & deploy their God given vision into the marketplace.

  • Walk away with a personalized blueprint to get from where they are now to exactly where God is calling them to be to make everlasting impact for the Kingdom.

  • Hear a gospel presentation

  • Be introduced to a community of like mind-setted business leaders that have a desire to come together and take action for the Kingdom!'s some stuffome stuff

Event Dates:




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can get YOU to the next level in your business and your life.

HQ: 5101 E University Dr Ste 601 Denton, TX 76208

Text (888) 316-9012