Rylee Meek

Rylee Meek

Husband & Father

Rylee and his wife Ashley married in 2016.
They reside in Minnesota with 12-year-old
daughter Ellie and their 2 French bulldogs.


Rylee felt in his spirit at a young age that he would be called to the marketplace but didn’t know what that meant until he surrendered to Christ and was introduced to entrepreneurship at age 16.

That calling is to be at the forefront of Christian leadership in the marketplace not just starting and scaling businesses of his own, but by mentoring and coaching others to do the same with the sole purpose of growing the Christian economy and advancing the kingdom of heaven here on earth.


Rylee has released two books thus far of a three book series called "The Kingdom Entrepreneur." Book one,
The 7 Day Blueprint, walks through the
Genesis account of the 7 days of creation and how it serves as God's proven template in creating a successful business.
Book two, The Creation Mandate, walks
through God's call to work as sub-creators in relationship with other people and with God.
Book three is expected to be released in late 2024.

Rylee is also the author of "Intentional Influence," a valuable guide for salespeople, business owners, and anyone who knows the benefit of influencing others.

Finally, "Food For Thought" is Rylee's book that lays out his Social Dynamic Selling System and serves as a valuable guide for anyone looking to create predictable, sustainable, and scalable revenue.

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